Helping Australian Farmers

Become a Charity Member

This is the land we are here to help

If you would like to be one of our charity members this page is waiting for your details.

Contact Wayne McFarlane at and make this charity also YOURS.

We need people all over Australia to join our charity as a volunteer member.

As a volunteer member, we would ask you to learn as much about the work we do so you can tell

other people about us.

Your work would include.

We would ask you to help to raise donations in your local area.

We may ask you to help arrange events or the giving of gifts in your local area.

There are just so many things you could help with to help make the lives of others in your area better.

All of our members will be listed on this page with the member’s permission only.

As at the 06/05/2020

The total number of members is 5

We are also looking for two Directors to help with the management of the charity.

We do want people that are committed but we are not going to pay you.

All our Executive Management are Volunteers

There are rewards in knowing you have saved a person’s life.

Our directors do not work hard Just Smart.

Are you able to donate to our cause? All Donations over $2 are Tax Deductible. Click here.
Are you a farmer doing it tough? Want some financial assistance, when we're able to help? Click here.