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Become a volunteer for.

Helping Australian Farmers Ltd.

ABN: 52615009946

We do help more than just farmers we are here for EVERYONE that needs help.

BUT we need your help to do our job.


HAF (Helping Australian Farmers Ltd.) was set up to be different from most of the other Australian charities out there these days.

For a start it is in our Constitution that the charity will never have a CEO or a Chief “Anything”.

All our charity executive management are volunteers.

Because of the technology these days it is amazingly simple to get our executive management to make a ruling about something in a matter of minutes.

As a HAF volunteer this is what we would ask you to do for us.

  1. Learn as much as you can about the charity.
  2. Tell other people about the charity.
  3. Find FUN ways in your local area to fundraise.
  4. Work with others in your area for HAF.
  5. If we had a project in your area like a Suicide Prevention program. We would ask you to arrange some of the details and be our representative at the project.
  6. Be our representative when we need to give people in your area gifts from the charity.

Because HAF is a National Australian Charity we are able to operate anywhere in Australia.

So, it does not matter where you live in Australia you can be our,

Charity Representative Volunteer.

Join us TODAY

Send an Email to

Ask for a Volunteer form. We are required by law to have full details about every person that is connected to the charity in any way.

This information is not held on any device that is connected to the internet this way all that information is 100% safe.

Are you able to donate to our cause? All Donations over $2 are Tax Deductible. Click here.
Are you a farmer doing it tough? Want some financial assistance, when we're able to help? Click here.