Helping Australian Farmers

Our Objectives


We exist only to help others.


Let’s start what we have been able to do in 2019 and 2020.

ASIST group 1 – 2019


ASIST group 2 – 2019

In 2019 we were able to get a grant from the Qld. Government.

This allowed us to Train 44 people in QLD. In Suicide Prevention.

That means there are 44 people in the community that are trained to see if a person is thinking about Suicide.

They through that training can help that person and SAVE their life.

But we need to train many more people because. In Australia, we are losing around 4.5 people each and every day in Rural Australia. That is 1,642 Suicides in Rural Australia each year. That is 53% of all Suicide in Australia each year. (Reference: A.B.S. 2018).


As a charity, we were only given a total of $8,000 in donations to help people in the bushfires.

$8,000 in gifts to farmers 2020

So, we set out to find two farmers that have been in Drought and were affected by the bushfires.

The two in the middle are the farmers that were given the $4,000 each.

The one on the Right is Cr Sean Choat from Somerset Regional Council.

The one on the Left is our Charity Director Wayne McFarlane.

The bushfires in 2020.

The two we found were given $4,000 each to help in a very small way.

Both these farmers lost everything in the fires and that was after they had battled drought for the last 5 years.

So, what we were able to give them was only a drop in the Big bucket of what they had lost.

But that gift was enough to show them they are not alone and all other Australians care about them.


OUR ongoing OBJECTIVES are.

To train more people in.

Suicide Prevention Program’s in Rural Australia

Supply Food, Money, & Drinking Water to the Australians anywhere that need help.

But the most important person to us is YOU without your donations we are not able to help anyone.

Check out our home page to see just how you are able to help in a small way that adds up to a LOT.

Please think about this.

One day it might be you that needs our help!

So please help us.



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