Helping Australian Farmers

Property Register

Only properties on our property register will be given support assistance at times of natural disaster.

Any support assistance supplied by HAF Ltd. will be free of any charge and will not be required to be given back to any person or business at any time now or in the future. It is and always will be a gift to the property owners to show our gratitude for the work you do to feed and clothe the people of Australia.

In the good times HAF Ltd. would like your support.

We need this register of farms and grazing properties around Australia so we will be able to contact property owners when we are able to give the support you require at the time you require it.

Please supply all the information asked in the questionnaire.

If you own more than one property please list each property on a separate email. But the other properties must have a fulltime manager living on the property to be eligible for support assistance.

This information will only be used by HAF Ltd. for the supply of support assistance and will not be supplied to any other person or business for any other reason. From time to time HAF Ltd. will request updates as and when required.

If your property is in more than one Council / Shire area please use the Council / Shire area that the homestead is in.


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